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Sobremesa Coaching is...

An Integrated Plant-Based Education program. Using an evidence-based program with a focus on eating plant based and incorporating moving like a child, living your passion, finding your tribe, and letting that shit go to create a lifestyle plan designed to guide you to become the healthiest you. 


Eat Plant-Based

Do you know what healthy foods really are? Numerous scientific studies prove that eating a whole food plant-based diet reduces your risk of chronic diseases and allows your body to heal naturally.  Whole foods are free of bad cholesterol, animal protein, fat, added sugar, and refined carbohydrates and are full of fiber, nutrients, micronutrients, Omega 3’s, enzymes, plant proteins, minerals, good carbs, and vitamins.


Move Like a Child

Ever noticed how active young children are? They can’t seem to stand still, and every movement of their body makes them happy. Functional movements are like that. They are sequences that allow your body to move in natural ways, strengthening several muscle groups at a time. It mirrors how humans were meant to move. Anchor these into daily life, no gym required, because if it’s not fun, you won’t do it.


Live Your Passion

Do you know what or who you want to be? What makes your heart flutter, what would make you jump out of bed, and what puts a smile on your face? If you do, do you have time to live your passion? Doing, not thinking is the answer to finding your passion, and once you find that something, you’ll want to do it more! How do you do that and how do you fit it into your life? Finding your passion is an important part of who you are.


Find Your Tribe

Do you have people that make you feel inspired, secure, confident? Do you have people you could call in the middle of the night because you need them? Finding your tribe can improve your health and well-being. Having your community can provide a sense of purpose and identity. Creating connections and relationships that are full of love and support can battle loneliness. Your tribe is waiting for you. You just have to know where to look.


Let That Shit Go!

Climbing the walls? Can’t seem to unwind? Learn to embrace life in the moment, release stress, stop overthinking, and relax as this helps to embrace a healthy more balanced life, releases pain, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and improves cognitive functions. Creating a positive mindset can seem impossible in today’s overstimulated, chaotic life but meditation and mindful breathing can guide you to less stress.

*"Expansion" by artist Paige Bradley

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